How may I determine which fence is best for me?
We offer a variety of types and styles for any application. Our team is always happy and ready to help you determine which fence will be the best solution for you and your needs.

Please call us or try our new online fence QuikQuote calculator.

Can I get a quick price quoted online?
Yes! Fence4U’s new QuikQuote pricing calculator allows you to cutom build your fence online in minutes and see your price instantly. Your price updates as you make adjustments and add and remove features. Adjust it until it fits your needs and budget. Create, save and print as many different quotes as you wish.

When your fence is ready, just call us to schedule an on-site review to finalize your order.

We recommend the QuikQuote option for homeowners and the ProQuote option for contractors or Do-It-Yourselfers who prefer a very detailed quote.

Can I get an on-sIte quote?
We would be happy to visit your location and prepare a thorough estimate based not only on the fence materials required but educate you about other considerations such as removing and disposing of an existing fence, tapping into an existing fence, drilling into concrete etc.

I have a bid. How can I quickly compare?

We post all our prices online so our customers can compare and get the best price.

Try our online QuikQuote calculator now and get your price estimate to see how we stack-up. It only takes a few minutes.

How much does your fence cost?
On average, our vinyl products are $1 - $3 less per foot than our competition and our per foot installation cost has remained one of the lowest low over the years despite rising vinyl prices that have caused other companies to raise their installation fees.

How are you able to offer such competitive prices?
We’re agile with low overhead and low minimums. As one of Utah’s largest dealers of vinly fence products, we’re able pass our factory-direct savings on to you. Because our fencing is made right here on the Wasatch Front, we don’t charge you shipping and warehousing overhead. This allows us to offer the highest quality fences at the best price and in a more timely manner than any of our competitors.

Will you beat or match competitor prices?
Our prices are very competitive, and we strive to always provide the best quality to our customers at the lowest cost. We can usually match or beat competitor prices. Please give us the chance!

We would love the opportunity to bid your job against anyone in the business. We believe you’ll find our value always beats our competition. You can also try our online

Utah’s Best Vinyl Value
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Fencing Utah’s Wasatch Front
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Fence4U different than the rest?

We are a small business still committed to putting customers first. We take pride in our products, workmanship, and hire friendly courteous employees who are pleasant to be around and have in and around your home.

How much experience do you have?
We have been in the fencing business since 2001 and our foremen have over 20 years combined experience, and work closely with our customers to make sure they achieve a beautiful, quality installation.

Where is your vinyl fencing made?
All our fencing is made entirely in the USA. Our vinly fences are manufactured right here in Salt Lake and Ogden and our metal fencing is manufactured in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How long will it take for you to install my fence professionally?

Many factors that can determine installation time frames. Location, quantity, type of fence, and time of year to name a few. Generally your fence posts will be installed within 2 weeks of your order, and the remaining fence will be scheduled for completion in less than 1 week, but not less than 3 days from installation of the posts. This is necessary to allow for the cement to cure around the posts.

Can I install my fence myself?
Of course. Whether you want to install your own fence from scratch or have us install the posts. You can order your materials and even schedule a pick-up or drop-off time with our QuikQuote online ordering system.

We’ll be happy to offer any helpful tips and expert advice along the way. We have all the supplies including concrete you’ll need to get the job done right.

Are your gates steel-framed?
We steel-frame our gates at your request. We recommend steel-lined gates for walkways that will experience heavy traffic and children or large dogs who will be regularly pushing, leaning, climbing or hanging from them.

Do your fences come with any guarantees?
Fence4U’s vinyl products are guaranteed by our manufacturer with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for 10-20 years from defects and environmentally induced deterioration, cracking or fading.

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